Astro Facts

Meaning of Birth Chart

There are 12 House in birth chart and each house gives information about life,when new one come in this world that time the star position count by the seeing sky position.and after counting stars we find house positions.Each house gives reading like

The 1st house rules the life of man, the head and face of man and the physical body, health, accidents, birth, arrivals, the present and today, the condition of a vehicle one is in and new ventures.The 1st house rules the native, plaintiff, fellow travelers, newcomers, arrivals, great-grandchildren and grandparents. Beginnings, early environment, personality, physical body.

पहला भाव आदमी की जिन्दगी पर राज करता है,आदमी के सिर और चेहरे के बारे में बताता है,उसका शरीर कैसा बना है,इसका ज्ञान देता है,स्वास्थ्य के बारे में जानना है तो पहले भाव को जानो,कौन सा एक्सीडेंट कब होना है,उस एक्सीडेंट से किस अंग को क्षति होगी आदि का ज्ञान भी पहला भाव देता है,इसके अलावा जन्म का ज्ञान भी पहले भाव से ही मिलता है,प्रश्न कुन्डली के द्वारा नये आने वाले की सूचना मिलती है,वर्तमान में क्या चल रहा है,आज क्या हो रहा है,इसका ज्ञान भी पहला भाव देता है। आजकल नई नई गाडियों का जमाना है,कौन सा माडल बाजार में आने वाला है,नये नये घरों की बनावट का जमाना है,किस प्रकार की तकनीक भवन निर्माण कर्ता प्रयोग में लेने वाले है,उसका भी ज्ञान पहला भाव ही देता है,नई घटना और नये समाचार के लिये भी पहला भाव ही जिम्मेदार माना जाता है,टीवी चैनल पर किस प्रकार का समाचार प्रकाशित होने वाला है,किस घटना और कारण का विवेचन होना है,का ज्ञान भी पहला भाव ही देता है। जातक की सम्पूर्ण लाइफ़ का मालिक पहला भाव ही माना जाता है,प्लैनटिफ़ और साथ चलने वाले सहयात्रियों के बारे में ज्ञान भी पहले भाव से मिलता है। पडपोते का ज्ञान और दादा दादी का ज्ञान भी पहले भाव से मिलता है,कार्य की शुरुआत किसी क्षेत्र विशेष की प्रारम्भिक अवस्था पहले भाव से ही मिलती है,प्राकृतिक आपदा और मौसम की खुशनुमा बहार का ज्ञान भी पहला भाव ही देता है। व्यक्ति का कैसा व्यक्तित्व है,भौतिक शरीर या भौतिक वस्तु की बनावट पहले भाव से ही मिलती है।

The 2nd house rules the person's estate, fortune, money, moveable property, everything the person owns, securities, gain, investment,the future and tomorrow.The 2nd house rules ancestors, person's banker, and investors.Finance, freedom given by money, self-worth, talents.

दूसरा भाव व्यक्ति की जायदाद पर राज करता है,इस भाव के द्वारा भाग्य धन और चलायमान सम्पत्ति के बारे में ज्ञान मिलता है,जो भी व्यक्ति के पास हो उसका ज्ञान दूसरा भाव देता है,कपडा घडी चैन कैमरा मोबाइल पेन आदि भी इसी श्रेणी मे आते है। सुरक्षा के भाव को भी दूसरे भाव से जाना जाता है,कमाई का प्रकार भी दूसरे भाव से ही मिलता है,कार्य के प्रयुक्त पूंजी का ज्ञान भी दूसरे भाव से मिलता है,कल क्या होगा इसका भाव भी दूसरा भाव देता है,जायदाद के प्रति सोच भी इसी भाव से मिलती है,व्यक्ति की बैंक के बारे में ज्ञान भी दूसरा भाव देता है,जहाँ पर व्यक्ति अपना धन सुरक्षा के लिये रखता है वह किस प्रकार का है,जमा धन को वह देगा या जमा धन को वह हजम कर जायेगा आदि बाते भी इसी भाव से जानी जाती है,जो स्वतंत्रता धन के द्वारा मिलती है उसका ज्ञान भी इसी भाव से मिलता है,अपने खुद के प्रयासों से धन के प्रति किये जाने वाले कामो की तरफ़ भी यही भाव इशारा करता है,और खुद के द्वारा धन कमाने के लिये जो भी कारक प्रयोग में किये जाते है उनके बारे में भी इसी भाव के द्वारा जानकारी प्राप्त की जाती है।

The 3rd house rules communication, rumors, short journeys, exams,letters, trips, visits, messages, deliveries, writing, schooling, gossip and reports.The 3rd house rules brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbors, gossippers,visitors, teachers, deliverymen, tradesmen, court reporters and postmen.Lower mind, speech, communications, short journeys, brothers and sisters.

The 4th house rules land, houses, your roots, hidden treasure, mislaid articles, domestic affairs, inheritances, farms, wells, mines, property and graves.The 4th house rules the father, mother-in-law, family, farmer, gardener, jurymen, grave-diggers, builders, ranchers and miners. The home, the father, conditions at the end of life, lands, mines.

The 5th house rules banquets, bars, taverns, plays, community property, speculation, betting and pregnancy.The 5th house rules children, pregnant women, messengers, speculators,gamblers and entertainers.Pleasure, education, children, publications, speculation.

The 6th house rules sickness (quality and cause), disease (long or short), distress, voluntary labor, civil service work, animal husbandry and caretaking.The 6th house rules uncles and aunts from father, tenants, farmers, employees, inferiors, lodgers, pets, small animals, nurses, dentists, healers and those in civil service.Service, relations with employers and employees, health and sickness.

The 7th house rules marriage, partnerships, lawsuits, war, quarrels,divorce, agencies, removals, separation, settlements, contracts, agreements, open enemies and theft.The 7th house rules the other person (unrelated), public enemies, thief, spouse, partner, astrologer, doctor, agent, fugitive, the public, opponent, defendant, niece and nephew.Partnership, marriage, the public, open enemies.

The 8th house rules the estate of the deceased, wills, legacies, dowry of the wife, death (quality and nature), alimony, gifts, fees, tips, taxes, escrows, debts, bankruptcy, losses, injury and surgery.The 8th house rules the heir of the deceased, the Grim Reaper, pall bearers, coroners, undertakers, surgeons and tax collectors.Legacies, cause of death, occult tragedy, regeneration, taxes.

The 9th house rules voyages, foreign countries and interests, visions, dreams, books, learning, absent persons, legal issues, education, long journeys, ceremonies, rituals, legalizing, publishing, science, parades, education and religion.The 9th house rules the clergy, religious men, in-laws, strangers,aliens, travelers, explorers, insurance adjusters, publishers and grandchildren.Higher mind, religion, law, long journeys, philosophy.

The 10th house rules honor, preferment, dignity, career, profession, kingdoms, authority, fate, fame, notoriety, business, employment, credit, reputation, conviction and execution.The 10th house rules the mother, kings, presidents, judges, employers, guardians, rulers, superiors, professionals and executives.Profession, standing in community, the mother.

The 11th house rules hope, trust, confidence, wishes, memberships,deaths in the family, unbonded relationships, liberty, legislation and regulation.The 11th house rules friends, advisors, club members, son and daughter-in-laws and legislators.Friends, hopes, wishes, groups.

The 12th house rules large animals, sorrow, tribulations,imprisonment, affliction, self-undoing, widowhood, grief, funerals,exile, seclusion, detention, bribery, subversion, the past and yesterday, murder, suicide and kidnapping.The 12th house rules uncles and aunts from the mother, witches, secret enemies, those on relief, widows, orphans, jailers, guards, keepers,assassins, kidnappers, informers, nuns, monks, recluses, clandestine associates.Paying debts of destiny, limitations, institutions for care of unfortunates, jails, secrecy, mysticism.

Wearing white shoes makes a person walk fast, but there will be fewer injuries on the legs.

Wearing white shoes is not considered good for students, as it destroys the ability to grasp ideas and reduces concentration while sitting. For people doing research it is best to wear white shoes, but if they have to sit while working, then black shoes are best.

If you are going to see some seriously ill patient, or if at night are going to a very important meeting, and suddenly a Black Cat cuts across your path from right to left, then surely the patient will survive against the opinion of all the doctors, and you will get success and your long awaited dream or wish will come true.

If you see a monkey on the path, any decision you make that day will go against you. Offer some fruit to the monkey, if you wish to gain cosmic favor.

If you are going to meet someone for business or to obtain their favor, try to reach the place between 11:55 AM to 12:10 PM. You will have the favor of the cosmos, and even if that person is in a bad mood, he or she will cool down while talking to you.

Never ignore any elderly person while going to some auspicious place, and try to go barefoot to all religious places. It shields you from the malefic impact of Saturn.

After eating any food, take a sweet thing, even a little, and drink water after it. It will bring coolness and peace of mind. You will never lose your reputation easily.

Always drink two sips of water and dry your nose before starting any work. It will make your work successful and bring it to a good end.

Direction While Sitting

Students, while reading, should face North or Northeast. By this the mind gains the ability to concentrate.

An Administrator’s room should be located in the North East corner of an office. By this, he or she will receive good gain and good results from the employees. Sitting below the beam or joint of the roof can make one nervous.

Keeping a safe in the south part of a house and touching it against the south wall, facing north, will bring blessings from the Lord or Prosperity (Kuber is said to the keeper of wealth).

Never keep litigation files in the south side of a room, nor under lock, otherwise much money and time will be wasted on the case, and it will be prolonged like a never ending rope.

While eating one should sit facing either North or West, which ensures the best impact of food to the body. After eating, passing urine reduces the chance of a stone problem.

If a death occurs in a family the eldest person should eat food facing South. By this he receives the blessing of the departed soul.

Protections From the Evil Effects of Various Things.

If one person after another in a house is becoming unhealthy, then by donating a Full Hollow Yellow Pumpkin at any religious place, the whole family becomes free of the illness. Donate the pumpkin in the daytime. The effect will be felt within three days.

If there is good earning but most of it gets wasted without any reason, donating sweet biscuits to birds in the morning will shield from this malefic effect.

Whenever passing through the border of a place where bodies are buried or burned, drop a few copper coins when leaving. If you do not have copper coins, drop another metal coin on the ground or floor. The departed souls will never hurt you and your luck will never depart from you.

If you feel tired and pressured in your mind or have a headache, then before sleeping put a glass of water on some table or stool near your head. Do not drink the water, but in the morning pour it at the base of some tree. Most of your troubles will vanish.

If you feel fear from unknown things, wear a stainless steal bangle on your right arm. It will strengthen your will.

If someone in a family has suicidal tendencies and much depression, puncturing their nose with a silver wire will keeps away such feelings.

If someone always feels loneliness, taking a dip in a river or a bath in the rain or becoming wet with rain water is the best way to keep from such feelings.

If all work comes to a dead end and nothing seems to be working, consulting some very moody astrologer is best.

If a sudden downfall has come in life, using the bed sheet of the father is best for cooling the mind.

Donating the first bread of one’s own food to a black dog keeps evil away from one’s family. If one feels that a departed person is looking upon you, speaking the truth will make the thing go away.

Touching the feet of the parents in the morning and saying goodbye when leaving for work brings success in life.

If all family members feel irritation while eating together or at home, keeping a black dog will bring prosperity and harmony into home.

Making the sign of two fish above the main entrance of a house and seeing it before knocking on the door, ensures the safety of members in the home. A single fish must be avoided.

When going out, seeing the two fish turns the day in one’s favor. Seeing a single fish gives loss. When going out, seeing a vessel filled with water ensures the success of one’s first thought. Thinking of a water vessel and two fish before driving gives security from accidents.

Keeping solid Silver in the home is auspicious and raises the mental peace of the family members.

Never fill any well with stones and soil, otherwise the luck of the next three generations is lost.

Placements According to One’s Astrological Chart. If a person has Mercury in the 8th house, wearing Black or Navy Blue Jeans, Skirt, or inner garment below the waist will bring success in life. Otherwise there will be continual bad times.

If the Sun is placed in a good position, wearing brown or light brown shoes or socks can bring bad times, due to which one will lose many good opportunities.

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